Zombies, Stephen Colbert, & the NFL! Viewing Parties Name Must Change!

This was originally posted to the Las Vegas EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL site in 2014. You’ll be seeing a lot of these archival posts from my days with EVIL DEAD to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the interwebs. Plus it is a bit of fun to stroll down memory lane…

For those of you who watch Stephen Colbert and the Daily Show, you may remember recently Stephen Colbert dubbed the Super Bowl “The Superb Owl”. He apparently had gotten tired of the “BIG GAME” label that was being used, and wanted to come up with his own.

The reason businesses can’t use “Super Bowl” in advertisements or promotions (forget the past 40 or so years when no one gave a shit and just focus on the most recent 2 years when lawyers got smart and turned up the juice on the greed factor) is that lawyers, agents, players, and others felt their rights were being infringed on by the local bar touting its “Super Bowl” party. Clearly the NFL is not a fan of cheap beer and stale nachos.

Well, it looks like our favorite Zombie Show has fallen into the same trap. AMC is the NFL, and that show starring Norman Reedus where he uses a crossbow and shoots zombies is the SUPER BOWL.

Cable television’s hit zombie action/drama/bloodfest is returning with the 2nd half of its 4th season this Sunday, February 9th. As with each new set of episodes that has come prior to this one, the Viewing Parties will be alive and well in Sin City, hosted by EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL. However, because of copyright issues, the proper name of the television show as well as any artwork reflecting any aspect of the show is required to be removed from all advertising and outreach.

What a shock. Zombies prey on the blood and flesh of the living while lawyers prey on the joy and excitement of fans. If there is something cool going on, some asshole will find a way to shit on it. And apparently someone has found it.

In spite of the acknowledgment that parties are good for the show and the people behind the show are generally happy the events are happening, it matters little. You see, against any logic that fans will accept or get behind, the network’s hands are tied because of the vast number of individuals and companies – all with their own agendas and interests to protect – that are involved in getting the show to the small screen.

Just to help you understand where AMC is on this, consider these:

1. Individual actors have representatives who want them being compensated for any use of their likeness (all those memes must drive them crazy!).

2. The writers of the comic book have their own concerns with the brand being used to promote things they have no control over (who can blame them after the eagerly-anticipated and yet ultimately derided SURVIVAL INSTINCT?).

3. The television show’s producers have an agenda regarding the show and how they want it promoted (a brand new Hyundai in every episode – and again SURVIVAL INSTINCT!).

4. Lawyers on all sides have legitimate concerns about the use of their show’s title and images being abused by people claiming to represent the show or have “official” events not sanctioned by the show itself (We turn your attention once again to the offensive SURVIVAL INSTINCT).

We don’t care much about the first 3, since there is so much shit out in the marketplace that people are making a buck over that it makes defending these first 3 hard for us to get behind, but the 4th one is a real concern for any creator and we can respect that. You see, what’s important is that as the rights holders, the powers that be behind our favorite TV show don’t need any reason at all to ask people to not use their name and imagery. They don’t want it being used, and we want to comply because a) it’s the law and b) it’s the right thing to do.

But don’t worry! AMC has given us the green light to continue to show the episodes, have the parties, and be as loud and vocal about it as we want – as long as we don’t use the proper title of the show or any imagery from the show. As individuals, YOU can use any hashtags, links, imagery, titles, or whatever you want, but since we are the hosts of the event, we have been asked to refrain from any of it. And refrain we shall! Bear in mind that any company of any sort that spouts they are going to be hosting “PROPER TITLE OF SHOW” Viewing Parties is doing so without the sanction of the creators of the show – and in some cases in direct defiance of the show’s creators.

For now the parties are being dubbed “The #1 Zombie Drama on TV Viewing Parties”. This name may seem very friggin’ generic – and there is a reason for it.

Starting this week, fans will be able to submit, nominate, and vote on what the parties should ultimately be called. The new name for the parties will be revealed at the Season 4 Finale, where the person who submitted the winning name will receive a prize package.

Doors to the viewing parties at THE END open at 8 p.m. every Sunday beginning Feb. 9 and the party runs until midnight.

Hey guys! Chris Palkow aka Sirc Michaels here. I wanted to reiterate that this is NOT my original story, but it IS something I give a crap about! I hope you find it informative and interesting! Leave your comments and share!

Here is a link to the original story: http://evildeadvegas.com/news/zombies-stephen-colbert-nfl-viewing-parties-name-must-change/


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