EVIL DEAD expands to 5 nights a week!

This was originally posted to the Las Vegas EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL site in 2014. You’ll be seeing a lot of these archival posts from my days with EVIL DEAD to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the interwebs. Plus it is a bit of fun to stroll down memory lane…


We announced some time ago that we were expanding our show to more days a week – and the time has come! Not only are we expanding the show, but we are giving you TWO ways to see it!

Starting Tuesday, February 25th you can see EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL ULTIMATE 4D Experience 5 nights a week! Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 10pm and Saturdays at 11:30pm!

And, to keep things interesting for our fans, we are offering TWO versions of the show!

Our classic camp comedy will be on Fridays and Saturdays in the large showroom as it has always been. We’re always adding new touches to the show, and we’ll continue to do so – including bringing in the car! Yes, the car will be making an appearance (finally)!

How the hell can something that is ALREADY so different be EVEN MORE different?! Through the magic of KICKASSERY! The show on Tuesdays through Thursdays we will be in a more intimate showroom just above our weekend showroom. This has a lot more multi-media and video effects, along with some sight gags and a different take on the tree rape scene!

If you’ve seen the show before, you can now see it again in a whole new way! If you’ve never seen the show before, you can now pick from 5 nights to JOIN US!

Some other cool things to look forward to coming soon:

Featuring YOU, our fans! This CD contains 45 minutes of the show, including fan-favorite songs such as ALL THE MEN IN MY LIFE and beloved dialogue and speeches – including the iconic BOOMSTICK speech! This is a live CD recorded over several days, and features some of our fans cheering and screaming along to the show!
Coming in February

This town is a city of weddings, and we’ve been asked enough times about them to decide to make them a part of our offerings! Get married on a Las Vegas Stage in front of your closest friends, family, and strangers, in a fun-filled atmosphere that is unique not only to Las Vegas but to anywhere in the United States! This is an experience like no other!

Hey guys! Chris Palkow aka Sirc Michaels here. I wanted to reiterate that this is NOT my original story, but it IS something I give a crap about! I hope you find it informative and interesting! Leave your comments and share!

Here is a link to the original story: http://evildeadvegas.com/news/evil-dead-expands-5-nights-week/


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