EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL new Las Vegas home

This was originally posted to the Las Vegas EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL site in 2015. You’ll be seeing a lot of these archival posts from my days with EVIL DEAD to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the interwebs. Plus it is a bit of fun to stroll down memory lane…

Prime time is the right time for fighting the undead! We’ve been kicking undead ass and taking names here in Las Vegas since October of 2011. We’ve met more fans than we can count, we’ve made more friends than we ever thought possible, and we have sprayed more blood than anyone on the Strip was ready for!

And now, thanks to the support of our fans and the hard work of our cast and crew, we have the opportunity to move to a brand new venue with prime time hours!

Starting Tuesday 12/1 we will be performing Tuesdays through Saturdays, 5 nights a week, at 7:30pm! That’s right – the BLOODIEST show on the Strip is now available in PRIME TIME!

We are invading The Tommy Wind Theater – the ONLY freestanding venue on the Las Vegas Strip! It is directly across from the Monte Carlo, just half a block away from the Hard Rock Cafe. It’s at the heart of the Strip, and we’re proving the BLOOD to pump through it!

No more late nights for us! We are now moving on up to PRIME TIME! The show will be starting at 7:30pm each night! That means you can catch the show and still have time left to enjoy other insanity on the Strip!
We are making changes to the set and the effects to deliver an even more KILLER show than we have in the past!
We don’t want to give any of this away, but it is gonna be KILLER!
We can’t say enough about the acoustics and sound in the venue!
You will be blown away by the state of the art sound in the venue. It is clean, it is clear, and it helps make the “musical” part of our musical even musical-er!
Fans who want to JOIN US in the Splatter Zone deserve all of our attention, so we have allocated only 40 special seats a night right at the stage.
This is almost half of the size it is now, and ensures every person in the Splatter Zone gets a KILLER view!
The venue features 2 beautiful bars on the showroom level to get your liquor fix on. One is in the lobby and has an ornate theme. The other is in the showroom itself and is a sleek modern affair.
Cocktail servers will be on hand to take care of you if you are settled in your seat and just can’t quite make it over to the bar.
The room is intimate, meaning there is not a bad seat in the house and wherever you seat you’ll be able to see all the action.
We are moving on up, but our prices aren’t. Fancy new venue, better prime time show times, wilder effects, killer sound, and we are still keeping the ticket prices low so that you – our fans – can come on out and JOIN US!
You don’t have to navigate a cramped parking garage and make your way through a smoky casino to get to the venue. The theater’s spacious parking lot is located right at the venue, ensuring you’ll be able to park with ease and walk right into the theater without any headaches or complications.

Hey guys! Chris Palkow aka Sirc Michaels here. I wanted to reiterate that this is NOT my original story, but it IS something I give a crap about! I hope you find it informative and interesting! Leave your comments and share!

Here is a link to the original story: http://evildeadvegas.com/news/evil-dead-the-musical-new-las-vegas-home/


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