EVIL DEAD Kickassery Abounds When Bruce Campbell comes to Town!!

This was originally posted to the Las Vegas EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL site in 2014. You’ll be seeing a lot of these archival posts from my days with EVIL DEAD to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the interwebs. Plus it is a bit of fun to stroll down memory lane…

Of all the questions we get when we visit conventions or do interviews, the single most common question is: “Has Bruce Campbell seen the show?” In the past we had to explain that schedules were tight and it was difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time and how we were working on making it happen. Which was true and we were. And now it has. When asked if the one and only Bruce Campbell has seen our production, we can say, “YES”!

After 2 years, we have finally managed to work out schedules so the one and only Bruce Campbell could come and see the show. In fact, not only did he see the show, but he also did a little emceeing at the start of it as well!

This was at our Saturday night, 9/6/14 performance in Salt Lake City where we were invited to perform as one of the official events of the SLC ComicCon. Bruce Campbell was also at the convention, which of course made for the perfect situation for all of us to finally get together in an official capacity.

That Saturday morning we did a photo shoot with Bruce, and eventually worked out the details for that evening’s show.

Many people had already purchased tickets to the show that night, and had no idea he would be stopping by. Others heard the news through the grapevine and snatched up seats to be at the final closing event of the convention – and for a chance to see the one and only Bruce Campbell on stage at the theatrical adaptation of the films that made him famous.

Overall, though, this was an unannounced surprise. And when Bruce took to the stage the cheering was so loud you could hear nothing else for a few moments.

He did not play Ash that night, nor did he don our ghost costume and dance around as Professor Knowby. He didn’t even act as one of the trees. What he did instead was be his own awesome self before the show and chatted with the audience about the show and what it meant to him – among other things! For nearly ten minutes during the opening of the show, Bruce did an impromptu emcee speech that brought laughter and cheers from the audience. Then he passed the mic back to Sirc Michaels (aka Chris Palkow) who finished the emcee portion of the show and got the actual performance started.

Prior to making his way onto the stage, Bruce also took a few minutes to talk with the cast and passed along some nuggets of advice like “Don’t be boring”.

The full video of Bruce Campbell’s appearance can be found here:

We want to thank Bruce for coming out and hanging with us, and for taking the time to give all of the fans at the show a special memory they won’t soon forget!

After talking with all the fans after the show, it was clear they all understood they were at a very special event and loved every minute of it.

Hail to the King, Baby!

Hey guys! Chris Palkow aka Sirc Michaels here. I wanted to reiterate that this is NOT my original story, but it IS something I give a crap about! I hope you find it informative and interesting! Leave your comments and share!

Here is a link to the original story: http://evildeadvegas.com/news/evil-dead-kickassery-abounds-bruce-campbell-comes-town/


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